Nov 21

EXTRAordinary Men Who Followed an EXTRAordinary Example


Simply EXTRAordinaryIf you pull into the BP on Cleveland Street, in Greenville, South Carolina, you might feel like you have stepped back into a more, gentle America.  Don’t even try to open the door to pump your own gas.  The three Seymoure brothers will not let that happen on their watch.  “Fill her up, and how are the kids?”
Hoyt Seymoure

Their father inspired that kind of yesterday service. Seymoure’s BP is not a gas station – it is a service station.
Hoyt Seymoure Sr. opened the service station right after serving his nation in WWII.  Proud to have done his part to make the world a better place, he came home to help America get back on its feet, opened a business, and practiced high ideals. 
He believed in “full-service”, and that is what you get today, because his three sons followed in his footsteps and believe in the same principles.

If you wake up to a dead battery, or some other malfunction that strands you, one of the Seymour boys will pick you up,deliver you to your destination, and fix the car.  All at a reasonable price. More importantly – they’ll do it with a smile.  It is not one of those “brand-trained” smiles.  It comes straight from the heart.  After all, they have their Dad’s reputation to maintain, and they just feel “right” about operating the way their father did.
Sure, they could have put in self-serve pumps, but then it would not be Seymour’s BP.  It would be a gas station, a little mart, like all the rest.  Hoyt, Roger and Rick, felt that service was more important than money.  Maybe they wouldn’t get rich.  So what.  They do what Dad would have wanted them to do.  Besides, it is just who the Seymoure boys are – Extraordinary.  I am sure Dad is proud.