Take the Filters Off Creativity, and Get Buy In!

???? Vol.9 ???????????A great new idea is like striking gold for any leader and team. It can be collected, examined, enriched and sold. The process of finding the gold can be difficult even for the best of teams and managers. The last thing you want in the way of an open and honest exchange is one of those darned creative-filters. Throw them out!

When an idea giver offers up his or her nugget of gold it should be met with enthusiasm. A strong leader can then help the whole group freely mine the idea, turning it into a much richer and solid vein of gold.

If the “creative filters” are in place, expect your idea giver to pocket his gold!

  • “I will not offer my idea until I am sure its what my boss is really looking for.”
  • “The last time I offered an idea my colleagues ridiculed me.”
  • “My ideas are too off the wall for my manager.”

Are there real risks in sharing ideas? Many, you say, theft, betrayal, ridicule, doubt? Oh yes, and let’s not forget jealousy and ego. As Albert Einstein said,

Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds!

Still, Einstein stood behind his ideas, did not let the mediocre minds sway him, and rocked the world with his intellect and creativity. He had no creative filters, believing that every idea should be explored, examined and grown. Remove the Filters

We have learned to layer ourselves with filters that we believe protect our professional life. With training and coaching, through The Leader’s Institute a leader will be able to help his team feel safe during the creative process. Together they will learn to appreciate each person, each idea, strip off the filters and return the creative process to the most basic. Let your inner child, the unfiltered one, run wild!

Every new idea is a great one. The only bad idea is the one that stays in your heart and head.
An effective leader can convert those creative nuggets of gold into new products, strategies and revenue.

Taking a risk on your team’s ideas, giving the ideas flesh and voices, may seem a bit daunting. But ideas that are mined, shined and appreciated, bring energy and goodwill to teams. www.extraordinary-leaders.com

Connie Timpson, Principle EXTRAordinary Leaders!