Creating EXTRAordinary Leaders

Winning business team.

Extraordinary Leaders Are Not Born

They Are Developed




There is no DNA test that conclusively says – you will be a great leader. dna-back(Although geneticists say that they have discovered some predictive markers.) Until this is proven and we all take a cheek swab at job interviews it is much better to LEARN how to be a really great leader. You can begin the process in one inspiring afternoon.

• Define the vision of the company and how it affects individuals
• Treat others as you would want to be treated
• Listen, Listen, Listen and then consider other people’s ideas

Steve Jobs was a brilliant man, creative, visionary, determined, but possessed almost no people skills while at Apple. It took him being tossed out, fired from his own company, to get him to look at himself, the kind of person he was and who he wanted to be.

It took looking up from the bottom to see a hopping lamp and a cowboy named Woody that needed him. Pixar became his new language and pushed him to be a new kind of manager. “One who people liked, respected and wanted to create magic for!” He became EXTRAordinary.

Believing you are the smartest person in the room does not make it true. A unified team headed by a leader who is more coach and visionary than tough guy makes people want to go to work.

Nelson Mandella said those who lead best – lead from behind. And he peacefully rectified a terrible wrong and lead his people into the future.

Creating EXTRAordinary Leaders is all about discovering “your” inner EXTRAordinary and letting it help you become the kind of leader you want to be.

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