Powerful and Persuasive Presentations

Throat dry, hands shaky, can’t remember what you wanted to say, or why you accepted this assignment?  You are not alone.  (99.9% of us geMED0000175t stage fright!)

As a group, or in a one-on-one session you will learn how to control your nerves by using a simple structure that will make speaking fun and exciting.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Manage Fear –Turn negative adrenaline into positive energy that empowers you.
  • Target Your Audience – know their industry language, nuances and create for that audience.
  • Gain self-confidence – know your subject, and audience.  Practice, participate, and persuade.
  • Weave story telling, gestures and movement into your presentation – the magic elixir to motivate, clarify, make a point, entertain, and convince an audience to respond to you, and get buy-in.
  • Easily craft a powerful presentation – that will bring out your best inner speaker, targets your audience’s needs and desires, convinces them, and sends them away saying, “Wow!  I want to hear more from that person.”
  • Fear no more – turn impromptu into opportunity.

Boot Camp_edited-1How do you persuade people to buy, or believe in your product or service?  Tell the story behind the facts.  Stories paint the pictures and dress the facts in emotion that persuades and convinces your target audience.

PowerPoint – yes…but…there are good and bad ways to use the mechanics.  Go back to your childhood.  Did you ever request a Power Point when you were ready for bed?  How about an extra helping of data for dinner?  That is where it all begins…the need for, and power of the story.

The golden truth is – good storytelling should continue through your entire life – especially during presentations.

Only through the eyes of someone living the story – the issue – can we get a believable and memorable picture of how the facts affect our lives.