Feb 15

Mandella – Leader of the Century

Words fail to capture the Extraordinary spirit and leadership of Nelson Mandela.  He was a mscreenshot_15an unequaled in  every way.  His loss is the headline of every media outlet I touch this morning, and rightfully so.

I mourn the world’s loss and celebrate this life.  If only the world and its disparate peoples could follow his example and “talk” not “kill.”  I am forever in awe of his ability to unite the “un-uniteable”, to lead with kindness, bravery, understanding, and most of all – forgiveness.

I saw him speak in the early years following Apartheid’s fall.  It was a sea of hopeful faces, a crowd lightened by his spirit, swaying to his gentle, caring words.

I am hopeful that today we will sway to the music of Mandela’s goodness, become united citizens of this world, and celebrate this man of the century.  Nelson Mandela – truly an EXTRAordinary Leader.