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New Ideas? Let Your “Creative-Wild Child” Run Free

Family on beach making sand castles smilingGive a child a shovel and a little sand and he will create a dream castle!  Give an adult a shovel and he will most likely store it in the garage.

So what happened to that curious kid who could not take no for an answer?  Is he stuffed into a suit, choked with a tie, or crippled with toe-pinching pumps, and a serious case of “I’m a powerful professional.”

This interactive Keynote on new ideas and innovation will help you unlock the “Wild Child” and let him or her create.  Society said, “Grow up.”  So we did, crushing our best creative self.

Come on.  Pull some shenanigans. Throw your toe pinchers at the wall, toss the tie in the trash, and become a kid again!

Let your muse, amuse you; inspire you to create.  Let your inner child run free to consider all the possibilities!

Take a walk on the “Wild Right Side of Your Brain”.

It is a Gold Mine Filled With Innovative Ideas

EVERYONE loved Connie.  She was fantastic.  I had several people ask for her contact information.  This event set the groundwork for each of the teams to begin working together in their new, highly diverse, groups.  Annette Couch – Pepsico