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Dump the Data – Tell Me a Story

Just Because It’s Business, It Janssen eventDoesn’t Have To Be Boring!  How do you persuade people to buy, or believe in your product or service?  Tell the story behind the facts.  Stories paint the pictures and dress the facts in emotion that persuades and convinces your target audience.

Go back to your childhood.  Did you ever request a Power Point when you were ready for bed?  How about an extra helping of data for dinner?  That is where it all begins…the need for, and power of the story.   The golden truth is – good storytelling should continue through your entire life – especially during presentations.Don’t tell me how much it costs and how your products are better than the competitors, tell me a story that you lived – that proves your facts.  Only through the eyes of someone living the story – the issue – can we get a believable and picture of how the facts affect our lives.