Dump the Data – Tell Me a Story

Just Because It’s Business, It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!  How do you persuade people to buy, or believe in your product or service?  Tell the story behind the facts.  Stories paint the pictures and dress the facts in emotion that persuades and convinces your target audience. Go back to your childhood.  Did you ever …

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You Are EXTRAordinary – 3 E’s to An Extraordinary Life

Need a lift, a little inspiration?  Journalist, coach, consultant and speaker; Connie Timpson has traversed the globe from Russia, to Romania, Greece, Pakistan, Slovakia, and other lands.   Each person she met, and interviewed, solidified her belief that each one of us has a unique talent, a gift, or bit of knowledge that is ours alone.  …

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Family on beach making sand castles smiling

New Ideas? Let Your “Creative-Wild Child” Run Free

Give a child a shovel and a little sand and he will create a dream castle!  Give an adult a shovel and he will most likely store it in the garage. So what happened to that curious kid who could not take no for an answer?  Is he stuffed into a suit, choked with a …

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