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Patience and caring.  When it comes to parenting those two qualities are “tried” and “tried” and sometimes become “trying.”    Last Saturday, morning I sat watching my adopted nieces playing soccer.  (Well socializing anyway.  They are  very grown up six year olds.  “Aunt Connie did you look at my hair?”)  We root for our team, the opposing team, sit in the same area and share a couple of hours of harmony.

Okay, there are a few parents who are sure that their kids will become the next Mia Hamm, and they become a handful.  (Not the kids…the parents.)  As I heard one of these parents shout at their child I looked closely at the parent who was nearest to me.  He held a very expensive Nike camera and he was teaching his little girl how to take pictures.

EXTRAordinary Life Moment

EXTRAordinary Life Moment

“Take as many pictures as you want.  We can just erase them if you don’t like them.”  He let her “TRY” it for herself, and gave her very few instructions.

The smile on that child’s face when she finally handed back her dad’s camera was worth all the soccer wins in the world.  He smiled at her like she was the most EXTRAordinary child on the planet.  I knew he was an EXTRAordinary parent.   She was adorable.  He was patient and caring.  Together, this was an EXTRAordinary snapshot of a good life, a loving and trusting parent and a child who knows that she is trusted and treasured.