Fun-tastic Team Bonding

Fun-tastic Team Bonding is a fun-tastic way to learn about each other and to remember the key elements of creating a TEAM that is more powerful than the sum of it’s parts.  All of our events are designed to get your team to have so much fun while interacting with each other that they don’t even realize they are learning.  The program is designed with the specific goals of your team, building on what they have already learned, or need to learn.

Why fun helps you learn and retain what you learned?  Jack Welch, says that creating an informal work environment is one of the keys to business success. “If you take the stiffness out of it, you get down to people dealing with people.”

Celgene 1Your team will use its whole being-bodies and minds- to recognize the strengths of individuals within your team, and the power of working together as a whole team.  Each team will be challenged to open their senses, learn to trust, and think in a different way.  Before they realize it they will expand individual effectiveness and shift individual thinking to team thinking. Along the way – a lot of fun makes learning easy!  Our differences make us unique, and the way we look at the same thing is never the same – the role of the creative mind!

Will they be challenged?  Oh yes, with clues designed for your group, its interests and knowledge will be put to the test for the whole team.


  • A stronger sense of camaraderie, a better understanding of each other and roles within the work environment and a great day to laugh about.
  • A deeper understanding of each other that makes working together smoother and more enjoyable.
  • A more productive workplace where people want to work