Aug 19

Extraordinary Creativity Replaces Decay

Extraordinary was the only word to describe Long Branch New Jersey in the 20’s and 30’s.Then the money moved closer to the beach, to the water’s edge.  The old days of high life in Long Branch, New Jersey have faded like photographs left in the rain.   
Now the streets that lead you from Newark Airport through this old downtown take you past an area that has seen much better times.  There are a few other routes.  This one is shorter and far more interesting.  

Boarded up windows, and falling down bricks are being turned into extraordinary pieces of art.  There is a spirit here, an extraordinary feeling of re-birth, or new birth, a Rivera, or Walker would be right at home on these walls.   Fine dining, dancing, drinking and drenching one’s self in the sun has moved closer to the ocean, but extraordinary art has come to the deserted streets of Long Branch. By Connie Timpson