Effective Videoconferences – Promise and Deliver

DSC_0064Videoconferences bring your team together.  It is no longer only for the “big guys.” Equipment is getting less expensive and the benefits to business even bigger.  For companies that can’t always meet face-to-face, studies show that video-conferencing saves on travel money, makes your team feel more connected, and can be a very effective way of getting your message across.


screenshot_34 Nils FixedHow you present your message is as important as the message itself.  The more persuasive the message and better the presentation, the more effective your team can become.

This workshop will help your team learn how to present, how to design a message that is persuasive and dynamic get right to the point – you want to persuade someone to your point of view.  This is the how to impress, get your message across and do it in a way that makes you look like the dynamic expert.

Your Team Will Learn To:  

  •  Design Persuasive Presentations – to the point, provide valuable information are interesting and empower your team.
  • Relate to the camera – no one was born knowing how to relate to the camera but you can learn how in some easy steps
  • Show off new products – learn how to incorporate objects and techniques that are visual into the presentation.
  • Gain confidence  and get excited, when the red light goes on
  • Understand that the camera sees the whole room and everything in it.
  • How to interview experts on your subject

Technically Speaking

  • What colors are better than others for television – the room and the people
  • Camera placement and lighting is critical
  • How to share the studio and camera with a colleague

The Result – Better communication with colleagues, faster and more collaborative decisions.  Immediate access to clients, and ability to present your proposal in person – almost.   In fact, really, really close.