Create a Bike – Empower a Child

Create A Bike – Empower a Child

DSC_0441Parts is parts – until your team gets a little competitive, solves a few challenges and part by part creating a beautiful bike for a child who has never owned one.  For the child who will mount a brand new bike and call it his own, it is empowerment, mobility, and ownership.  In a world of hand-me-downs and struggle, many kids think a bike is something they will never have.  You can change that, and have a great time doing it.

ICelgenet is an incredible message to these kids.  “People in this world care about you and want you to shine.  They believe in you.”  You can make them smile, and I guarantee you that this fast paced, fun packed workshop will make your team smile.  Riding a bike is a right of passage for most children.  For some kids – unless we reach out, a bike will be out of their reach.

Benefits of the Event

A stronger team – Got a few differences among your team members?  Gone.  Not only for this day, but this event strengthens relationships and allows people to see each other differently.

A fun packed event – that will unite your team.

Giving back to your community – A “feel good glow” that lasts.  “We touched lives today.”

There are many facets to this fun filled, philanthropic event.  It is a competitive, and fun learning experience.  It will lodge the smile of a child in your team’s hearts and stamp the workshop’s “team” lessons in their minds. Make a difference, learn about each other and empower a child.