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Dec 01

Our Nation’s Chairs Are Protesting

I can’t stop the chairs.  Every time they think I am not looking they shudder with anger. Their legs are weak, and their backs are bent.  They were ready to support a woman who would have used chairs to quietly negotiate peace.  These chairs should be dancing.  They steady themselves as I rest my pantsuit-clad …

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May 30

Patriotism – My Mission to Find A Hero’s Resting Place

My Uncle Ralph E. Johnson

Ralph E. Johnson Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces Shot down over France, February 24th, 1944 Burial place unknown for over 60 years Three angels looked down from the side of a tall chapel that seemed to reach into the clouds and hold up the sky.  A spot of shimmering sun broke through the gray …

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Apr 14

Dump the Data – Tell Me a Story!

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 01:  Musician Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band  perform at the Bridgestone halftime show during Super Bowl XLIII between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 1, 2009 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Bruce Springsteen puts life on the stage. Every song – is a story, a slice of life through which he draws pictures, and unites us. His tough times, togetherness, sad songs, and raucous ones create a picture of the economic and emotional landscape of America. His songs are his life, events he lived or observed. His …

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Feb 15

Mandella – Leader of the Century


Words fail to capture the Extraordinary spirit and leadership of Nelson Mandela.  He was a man unequaled in  every way.  His loss is the headline of every media outlet I touch this morning, and rightfully so. I mourn the world’s loss and celebrate this life.  If only the world and its disparate peoples could follow …

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Dec 03

Kindness Is Never Random – But It Is Extraordinary

This picture on NBC News rattled our collective conscience.   How could there be a man living on the streets of New York without food, or a pair of shoes?  New York Police Officer Lawrence Di Primo could have run him off, or had him picked up for vagrancy.He made a very different choice.  This EXTRAordinary …

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Nov 21

EXTRAordinary Men Who Followed an EXTRAordinary Example

  Simply EXTRAordinaryIf you pull into the BP on Cleveland Street, in Greenville, South Carolina, you might feel like you have stepped back into a more, gentle America.  Don’t even try to open the door to pump your own gas.  The three Seymoure brothers will not let that happen on their watch.  “Fill her up, …

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Sep 05

EXTRAordinary Paralympian Makes News Worth Watching

There is rarely anything to cheer about when I zap on the nightly news.  More of our heroes killed in Afghanistan, car crashes, floods, drought, but as a former journalist, I am a bit of an addict. (I usually watch two networks.)  Last night I only needed one network to make me cry, cheer, and …

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Aug 19

Extraordinary Creativity Replaces Decay

Extraordinary was the only word to describe Long Branch New Jersey in the 20’s and 30’s.Then the money moved closer to the beach, to the water’s edge.  The old days of high life in Long Branch, New Jersey have faded like photographs left in the rain.    Now the streets that lead you from Newark Airport …

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Aug 14

Slow Down! Extraordinary Canucks Crossing

(Please don’t ask us why the geese crossed the road.) Extraordinary!  Someone is looking out for those fuzzy, tiny, winged Canadians!  Mom and Dad do what they can.  Don’t get too close or Dad will hiss, spit, and chase you.  So give them a little space.  They may be a little confused what with it …

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Dec 06

An Uncelebrated Artist

When people learn that I am a former journalist many ask,  “Who is the most famous person you have ever met?”  I always hesitate, because “famous” is not important to me at all.  It is true, that some famous people are also extraordinary, and I celebrate those people, like President Jimmy Carter, Benazir Bhutto, Johnny …

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