Effective Leadership – Control Your Employees, Or Enable Them?


Effective leadership is enabling the people you hired to reach their full potential while working toward a common goal. Controlling employees is generally the mark of a manager who is insecure, and untrusting. Most of us have felt the ill effects of the hard-fisted manager. The boss who fills the entire meeting with his own voice, and then asks for questions knows full well that he has intimidated every question out of the room or off the phone line.

It seems to be especially true for the entrepreneur. After all, the business bottom line is his or her measurement of success. But controlling, or micro managing employees often thwarts success. The manager who cannot let go “even a little bit” often creates a stifling atmosphere, creating turnover and dissatisfaction.

A team that is encouraged and trusted – is a team that connects, creates, and collaborates. One idea spawns another until a new revenue stream evolves, a break-through product is created, and the work environment becomes one that encourages, supports its people, and adds to the bottom line.


Take a tip from former Senator, and basketball Hall of Famer, Bill Bradley.

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”

Being a great leader means having the courage to take a step back and let the brilliance of your hiring choices shine.

  • Listen – actively listen
  • Consider their ideas – and let them carry part of the load
  • Trust your team to do a good job – rather than doubting that they can

Solid leadership creates bridges that connect people and ideas. Take a breath and let your team use the skills you hired them for. Shouldering all of the responsibility can be lonely and stressful. It can also slow down your own company’s growth. By Connie Timpson, leadership facilitator, keynote speaker, author, journalist.