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Connie Timpson puts one thing above all else, you, the client.  Your needs and challenges become her challenge to bring you a customized program, training, or keynote that will help your group turn challenges into accomplishments.    Her philosophy is simple, “Every human being is interesting, has a story to tell, a unique perspective, and brings strength, and individual gifts, to any team.”


Her background as an award-winning journalist, and long-time consultant and trainer, gives her insight on how to coach individuals on how to make convincing presentations or write and present a speech that has real substance and impact.


She is a Benton Fellow from The University of Chicago, who uses her experience and people skills to teach others.  Her international experience as a journalist, media consultant, and trainer has taken her from Russia to Romania, Greece and beyond.


Innovator – delivers high-energy workshops and individual coaching that develops group dynamics, individual performance, and self-confidence.


Motivator – inspires belief in individuals, emboldens strategic change & risk taking.  Skillfully brings groups together and strengthens the team.


Coach – discovers unrealized potential, generates self-belief, develops personal styles, builds individual strengths and maximizes possibilities.


Facilitator – quickly brings groups together, mixing fun with strong team building principles.

Keynote Speaker – will motivate you to see more than technology, achievement, and money.  It will help you become more Extraordinary than you already are, and enable you to see the Extraordinary in others.  Connie’s 3 E’s to an EXTRAordinary Life – are simple, life affirming, and empowering.

Seeing people grow and blossom makes her smile.  Her reward is your growth.

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